Welcome to the CHUQ Research Centre's (CRCHUQ) Organic Synthesis Service.

Organic synthesis and medicinal chemistry both play a very important role within the pharmaceutical industry and will permit the development of many new drugs in association with emergent new technologies in the biopharmaceutical field. The mission of the CRCHUL's Organic Synthesis Service is to ensure easier access to medicinal chemistry for researchers from the scientific community in order to help move their academic findings on to preclinical and clinical applications.

The different services offered by the Organic Synthesis Service are based on over fifteen years of solid experience developed within Professor Donald Poirier's research team, particularly in steroidal chemistry, combinatory chemistry (solid support and in solution) and in the synthesis of bioactive molecules as selective inhibitors of steroidogenesis.

The Service is situated on the 4th floor of section T of the CRCHUQ-CHUL where all high-end equipment in organic chemistry is concentrated (NMR, IR, MS, LC-MS, HPLC-prep, automated synthesizer, SciFinder database). The Service is led by Professor Donald Poirier assisted by René Maltais (Ph.D.), Jean-Yves Sancéau (Ph.D), Liviu Ciobanu (Ph.D) specialists in organic chemistry, as well as Richard Labrecque (advisor).


A selection of our synthesized steroidal derivative is now available.
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A new automated synthesizer is now operational.
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