Libraries synthesis

By greatly facilitating the synthesis of analog molecules in libraries (i.e. a group of unique molecules or pool), combinatory chemistry has started a veritable revolution in the field of pharmaceutical chemistry. Solid support organic synthesis (polymers, anchors, reactive agents) and the versatility of reactions that can be accomplished have greatly evolved over the past few years. It is now possible to perform a wide variety of reactions used in classic organic synthesis. Combinatory chemistry is a major asset in the development of new drugs and in the optimization of new molecular characteristics (ex: catalysts).

Our expertise in solid support and in solution combinatory chemistry as well as our specialized equipment (aapptec automated synthesizer, semi-automated LabTech synthesizer) enables us to offer you specific synthesis of libraries for the diversification of your molecules of interest:


  • Depending on your needs, the libraries can contain a few dozen or a few hundred individual products.
  • We aim for at least a 75% HPLC purity for each member of the library (purification by HPLC if necessary).
  • Characterization of the library is done by representative sampling. Total characterization of the members of the library is also possible according to your needs.
  • To facilitate screening, each product from the library is delivered in a known concentration of DMSO solution (ex: 1 mM).


A selection of our synthesized steroidal derivative is now available.
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A new automated synthesizer is now operational.
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