Our laboratory is equipped with a Bruker AVANCE-400 MHz NMR machine with a BBI probe. We can take your spectrum and assist you in the sequence determination of unknown molecular structures or in more complete molecular characterization.

  • Routine spectrum can be performed the same day upon reception of the material.
  • All our rates include sample preparation.
  • Reduced rates for a minimum of 10 samples or for academic researchers.
  • All adjustments will be done manually in order to ensure quality results.
  • Contact us for more information.


Marie-Claude Trottier
Telephone : +1 418-654-2296

Services offered:

  • Routine 1H RMN and 13C NMR (APT)
  • 2-D experiments (NOESY, COSY, HSQC, HMBC, ROESY, TOCSY)
  • Heteroatom NMR
    • 11B
    • 31P
    • 51V
    • Other nuclei on demand
  • High temperature experiments


1H $30 / sample
APT $60 / hour (maximum of 3 billable hours)
2D Experiments $60 maximum of 3 billable hours per sample for aquisition
and $60 / hour for treatment
Other nuclei on demand


A selection of our synthesized steroidal derivative is now available.
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A new automated synthesizer is now operational.
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