Automated aapptec synthesizer in action

Sequence 1

This video sequence demonstrates how the robotized arms work when reactive agents are added to the 96-well solid-phase reaction block (4 mL/well).

Sequence 2

The second video sequence shows the steps for product cleavage on solid support. First, a retrieval tray for final products is installed; the cleavage solution is then added with the robotized arm. Final products are then filtered by positive pressure (70 psi) and retrieved in the vials (96) under the reaction block.

Sequence 3

The third sequence shows the final work up of products. Once the cleavage solution is neutralized (by adding bicarbonate), the biphasic solution (dichloromethane + H2O) is transferred in a separation syringe to retrieve the organic phase. The resulting solution is then evaporated with the help of a pressurized carrousel evaporation system (ACTEvap).


A selection of our synthesized steroidal derivative is now available.
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A new automated synthesizer is now operational.
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